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Toyota Previa White
MPV 7 Drive to Malaysia
*Surcharge is applicable for "Entry to Malaysia", select it under Add-Ons if you wish to travel into Malaysia
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02/11/2020 to 03/11/2020
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1 Day(s)
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Terms & Conditions

Hirer / Authorized Driver (‘Driver’)

Hirer / Driver must produce a valid Singapore Class 3 Driving License and NRIC or valid international Driving License and Passport and guarantees that he / she is not under any suspension order on the License 


All rates quoted are in Singapore Currency (SGD) During rental period insurance, maintenance and unlimited mileage are included. Each excess hour is charged at one-fifth of daily rate. Vehicle returned after office hours, the hirer will be charged till 10 am the next working morning day. Petrol is not included and is chargeable to the hirer should the vehicle be returned with less petrol than when it was taken by the hirer. Parking Fines, Traffic Fines / Fees, ERP charges are all borne by Hirer / Driver during the rental / leasing period.

Hirer / Driver are fully responsible for all traffics and parking violations during the rental period.

Damage to vehicle

Hirer is also fully responsible for the full compensation / repair cost payable to the Company if the vehicle breakdown is due to lead of carelessness of the hirer or the driver. Hirer is also responsible for the full compensation / repair payable to the Company for any loss or damage to the vehicle during the hirer period and additional charges for loss earnings to the company while damaged vehicle is under repair If there is an accident that results or possibly results in any Third Party claim and the Company Third Party insurance is involved, the hirer is responsible to pay the Company an excess of $3000.00 and / or $6000.00 for probation drivers. Hirer is also responsible for tyre during rental period. Hirer should take note of the water tempature, should there be any event wherby vehicle is overheated due to negligent. Hirer / Driver will be liable for the repair cost.

Rental Extension

Hirer / Driver wishes to extend the hire period are to inform the Company immediately and is required to make advance payment for the extension provided the hire extension is acceptable by the company.

Terms of Payment

Hire charges for the hire period is payable by the hirer at the time of returning over the vehicle. A final adjustment will be made upon completion of the hire period. No part of such hire period change shall in any circumstances be refundable except at the discretion of the company. For the removal of doubt, the hirer is to pay a $300 refundable deposit that will be due back to the hirer 30 days from the end of the hiring Period, in order for the company to pay for any fines or summons incurred by the Hirer or the Authorized driver during the rental period.

Restriction on use

Vehicle is strictly restriction for Singapore use only. Hirer / Driver shall not take the hired vehicle outside mainland of Singapore without the written consent of the Company. Failure to comply with this term may entail serious consequences and the hirer shall assume personal and fully responsibility and in event of the said vehicle being damaged, confiscated, forfeited or seized as a result thereof, the hirer shall indemnify the Company for all the loose incurred including the full value of the said vehicle.

The Hirer / Authorized Driver covenants to use the vehicle only for Lawful and Legitimate purposes AND not to use the vehicle for any unlawful purpose activity. It is with this express understanding that the Company leases the vehicle to the hirer.

The vehicle may only be driven by the Hirer or by person or persons who have been expressly designated and authorized herein (hereinafter called the “Authorized Driver”) The Hirer and the Authorized Driver must be in possession of a valid-Driving license and shall all times drive the vehicle in a careful and skillful manner observing the traffic regulations and laws.

The Hirer / Driver is NOT ALLOWED to sublet or lend the hired vehicle to a third party, during or within the rental period. If the vehicle is found to be driven by anyone other than the hirer or the Authorized Driver named in the Hire Agreement, the vehicle will be seized by the Company without any refund. If the hirer sublet the vehicle to a third party without notification to the Company, and the vehicle is involved in an accident the hirer will bear the whole cost of the claim and repair costs of the vehicle rented and other third party claims. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, the hirer has to inform the company immediately. No repair is to be done without the Company approval. If the Hirer is caught repairing the vehicle at any workshop unauthorized by the company, compensation of S$3000.00 is payable to the company.

The Hirer / Authorized Driver shall refrain from smoking, eating or carrying pets in the vehicle. A cleaning fee of S$50.00 will be levied for smoke odour and / or dirty vehicle.

Other Conditions

If for reason the vehicle described in the schedule of any other vehicle reserved by the hirer prior to the commencement of the period of rental is available at the time of such commencement, the Company shall have the right to replace the said vehicle with an alternative vehicle of similar seating capacity and performance and if no such alternative vehicle is available or the company shall decline to provide an alternative vehicle then the Hirer shall be refund by the Hiring charge and deposit paid by him after offsetting any Hiring charge and costs incurred by the Company but shall have no other claim of any kind whatsoever against the Company. The vehicle must be refuel using unleaded 95/98 or V POWER only. The Hirer is REQUIRED to return the vehicle and key / key tag the same condition when he / she rented from the Company. Any damage to the vehicle will be liable to the hirer according to the renewable repair costs to make good the said damage to the same condition it was at the start of the rental. If the rental vehicle have been found using for racing, exiting Singapore without written consent, undelcared location, sublet / or lend without informing Car Cove Leasing Pte Ltd personnel, Each clause will be payable as an “compensation” of S$3000.00 to the Company.


A cancellation charge of S$100.00 will be imposed to the hirer / driver should the request is less than 24HRS prior notice of cancellation during the hired period.

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