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Long Term Car Leasing

An alternative to worry free car ownership.

Get 100% driving pleasure and 0% hassle when you lease a car in Singapore. It's the smarter way to lease.

What is Car Leasing?

When you lease a car, the car is yours to drive and operate - as you would if you were to buy a car. The key differences between the two are the ownership and maintenance of the vehicle.

When you buy a car with cash, you own it. (In Singapore though, most drivers buy a car on a hire-purchase bank scheme. In actuality then, the bank owns it until you pay off the loan!) When it comes to car leasing, the car leasing company owns the car you drive.

Our Services

At Car Cove Leasing, we believe that every clients deserve the best service and condition of cars as we too are drivers, a service that exceeds the industry standards. We are driven and committed to serve as to fulfill the needs of our clients.

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Long Term Car Leasing
What is Car Leasing?
Our Services
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